I will be the first to admit that I don’t know enough about the global currents of business to do any broader climatic forecasting (possibly I also don’t know enough about the media, having only been working in it for 4/5 years).

My sense is that there is an ideological churn in management theory that is not hugely connected to economic trends. I think it is essentially a counterweight to the rapid, expansionist preferences of the tech world. But that’s a guess.

I would add that I suppose that increased international political uncertainty probably has some impact on the confidence that companies have in growing. Here in the UK, regardless of people’s personal perspectives on Brexit, there is a real sense of caution about pushing forward during this interstitial period between the decision to leave the EU and the full extent of that being revealed. I think quite a lot of people are waiting for the sands to settle.

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Writer. Podcast entrepreneur. London. Interested in politics and the media. Co-founder podotpods.com Email: nick@podotpods.com.

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