8 Suggestions for How to Run a More Cost Effective Squid Game

Like everyone else in the world, I have spent the last week watching Netflix’s new hit show, Squid Game. Unlike, I suspect, everyone else in the world, I didn’t watch with the existential dread of someone wondering how they would fare as a contestant (I would die during red light, green light, for sure). Instead, I couldn’t help but feel that I would be very good at running the Squid Game, and could significantly reduce the upfront costs of organising such an elaborate event with seven cost-cutting measures. This piece, it should be noted, will contain spoilers for all 9 episodes of Squid Game.

So here, for the benefit of the organisers of this fictitious games are my 8 Suggestions for How to Run a More Cost Effective (and Therefore More Enjoyable, somehow) Squid Game:

  1. Cut down on needless waste. Look, I enjoy the sight of a big rope being guillotined as much as the next man but given that the tug-o-war contestants suffered a non-fatal fall anyway, why not just shoot them as they hang there? Needlessly chopping in half three perfectly good (and probably very expensive) ropes was typical of the general waste exhibited in these games. See also the general scale of the buildings: do you have no idea how expensive real estate is in modern Korea? Global warehousing prices have never been higher, and you’re using an aircraft hangar to host a 20x20m Squid Game court? Try reading The Economist, pals.

This is the sort of mentality that I would bring to running the Squid Game and I would like this to be considered an official application should any deranged billionaire choose to re-enact this in real life (and no Mr Beast, there is no such thing as an ‘IRL Squid Game’ if you don’t murder 455 people; otherwise it’s just Takeshi’s Castle).

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